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Ever heard of the saying: I see humans, but no humanity? We believe humanity is crucial in every aspect of life.

We are a new online website that publishes articles, blogs, interviews, and videos about everything that is, or could be a part of our day to day life. We will basically do everything we can to inspire you especially since our work is inspired by humanly actions and positivity.

If you are trying to understand life and the world around you, if you are trying to uncover how the world came to be, please keep reading. By blogging, writing, examining, and exploring the world we try to find answers. Answers to questions we raise as we discuss issues we encounter in our daily life. The moment we start to reflect on life, that is when our work really begins.

The We Share to Inspire organization focuses on the following key points:

* Inspiring a young and old audience by means of publishing content that focuses on the following main areas: contemporary themes and self-development, education and leadership.

* Making contemporary problems in society negotiable and looking for answers for these problems.

We believe that knowledge is the key to solving all problems.

You will be reading about controversial subjects and come across sensitive themes such as religion. We, however, try to approach these subjects carefully and with logic in order to ensure that we will have your undivided attention.

Stay with us, and help us ‘Connecting the world through humanity’

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