Some people simply need to use antidepressants

A couple of weeks ago I visited the National Health fair in Utrecht (the Netherlands). I was up for an educative day. Despite the fact that I know quite a bit, I do feel that it is important to expand my knowledge.

It is remarkable that people who haven’t been able to find an appropriate solution for their problem in the ‘regular’ medical world, find one in the world of alternative medicine.

At the health fair I came in contact with various doctors and medical researchers. But more about that later.

First more about antidepressants. Worldwide there are many people who use antidepressants because of anxiety, panic attacks, sadness and depression.(America ) However, as we are all different a doctor will first discuss which type of medication is best.

The emergence of alternative medicine have led to people assuming that you won’t need regular medication anymore. We are told that the pharmaceutical industry is actually trying to make us sick instead of better.

There are also doctors who have left the field of medicine behind because they don’t believe the current medical world is out to cure us.

Now I guess you might be wondering, where does it all go wrong? Which doctor wouldn’t want to help his patients?

Things go wrong the moment both parties take a stand. The alternative healer who merely believes in his own methods for treatment and the medically trained doctor who only believes in scientific research.

When I was talking to a medical researcher at the health fair I explained to him that there are people who have actually found their cure by using alternative medication. The medical researcher replied by saying that it is all in our head and that we, as humans, are inclined to think that when we do something to cure ourselves (read: use a natural herbal mixture) we also believe that the thing we took to cure ourselves was in fact the cure.

Despite the fact that I stated to have found different examples in real life, a conversation to get closer together in terms of how we think wasn’t an option. I had to live with the answer that scientific research is always necessary to find if something actually works.

And now more about the alternative healing methods. It is, of course, wonderful if nature could give us anything we could possibly need, but there are always exceptions. Especially when people are dealing with serious psychological problemsThe safety and well-being of a patient always comes first. Herbal mixtures need time to start working. You should always be careful, especially when you are dealing with serious psychological problems that need to be dealt with immediately.

Both the regular medical world and the world of alternative medicine have pros and cons.

These type of adamant thoughts and opinions are, in the end, at the expense of that one doctor who does want to help his patients. That one doctor who is open to different methods. With this I mean to say that he does not only have an open mind when it comes to alternative healing methods, but also first looks at the patient to see if an antidepressant treatment is actually the way to go. A patient who is dealing with, for instance, anxiety, could, in addition to using medication also opt for help from a psychologist or psychiatrist. In the end it is a combination of different treatment methods that could help a patient.

I believe that a person dealing with trauma won’t always be cured with, for instance, a jar of herbs that contains valerian. In addition, everyone deals with psychological problems differently.

There are supplements that work with the serotine levels in the brain. This substance helps you feel happy and gives you a better state of mind. As I described before, herbal mixtures take time to work effectively. In addition, dosages are incredibly important. Not anyone could experience this treatment as successful.

If people get scared because of the information given to them or if they don’t have enough knowledge to use the antidepressants appropriately they could refuse treatment and walk around with their problem a lot longer than they have to.

For this reason I find it difficult that people turn using antidepressants into a bad thing. As such we forget that for some people antidepressants are actually something that will help them solve their problem. Without these medications they could not be capable or strong enough to get through a difficult period in life.

In the end it is important when you are dealing with psychological problems to also look at the long-term situation. Using medications throughout your life without ever paying attention to the cause of the problem will, in the end, only be to fight the symptoms. I am against only fighting the symptoms.Here the alternative medication will function as a life-long qualitative means to invest in. That is one of the reasons why I firmly support the alternative medication, because it can truly impact your life in a positive way and help you to have a more balanced lifestyle.

When using antidepressants there are a couple of things to take into consideration:

– To what extent is the situation threatening the patient’s health and is medication necessary.

– To what extent can the patient contribute to bringing about the recovery process.

– What other forms of therapy can, in addition to the medication, be used to improve the health of the patient. For instance, EMDR therapy, consultations with psychologist, psychiatrist.

(! For the best advice on medical issues you should always consult your local medical practitioner.)

As a result antidepressants don’t always have to be used for life. There are people who use them for a little while and get rid of their problems. These people also exist.

We shouldn’t forget that medical science is there for a reason. It is good to remain critical and to always keep asking questions when it comes to treatments that are offered to us. This should only be encouraged.

We should prevent that certain medical treatments are excluded. If we do exclude them nothing will change.

In the end those who don’t have enough knowledge of both worlds will pay the price. As such they will roam in between both worlds without finding a solution for their problem.

I believe we should have an open mind.


We should not be like that medical researcher I spoke to the other day who took a stand and wasn’t willing to think from a different perspective. But we should also not be like the alternative healer who doesn’t always have all the solutions to psychological health problems.

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