All actions lead to big changes

When we think about world change makers, we automatically think of the big names. Personages who have made history are the ones who left our world with significant changes and therefore are still remembered nowadays.

When I speak to ordinary people like you and me (forgive me, I know we all are special) and ask them “How do you think you could help making a positive change?”, not always everyone can answer right away. And therefore could miss contributing to a better world. It could also be due to the fact that it might be difficult to do this. Not only does it require responsibility but also an active and sometimes assertive attitude to stand for a cause. However, the more we become aware of our capabilities, the more easily we can take action.

There are still people who wonder how they can contribute. For example: not everyone is a writer and can use this medium to express their opinions. Or not everyone is actively involved in voluntary organizations and has the access to travel abroad to help in developing countries. Deep down I’m positive no human being is indifferent to helping others. However, the way we can do this, is sometimes not so clear to all.

I would like to encourage you and emphasize that empowering the weak is not only limited to the abovementioned. It goes much further.

Look in your environment

There is no human being who is in a problem-free-zone. If you look around in your own environment, there is always someone who could probably use your help. Perhaps it is a colleague or a neighbour who is being bullied by others. Have you thought of ways to support them and stop the bullying? Or when you scrolled down your Facebook feed, you saw an acquaintance in your network who was having a difficult time, wandering in the dark. You might not be able to help him directly, but you could contact someone near him and thus reach out a helping hand. We should not let people alone. This will lead the problem from bad to worse. This also applies to situations with less complexity. For example a student who simply needs college assistance.

I believe fairly that we have a huge responsibility in banishing injustice. If I don’t stand up for others, who will do it for my future children or our next generation?

Please don’t become indifferent towards helping others. Changing the world sometimes starts within a 20 km zone and not in some country far in the Middle East.

Allow your social media feed to be enriched with change makers

If you’re active on social media, follow people who are actively making a change in helping others. Learn more about leadership activities. By doing so you will expand your knowledge on what leadership truly means and how this applies for all of us.

Believe me, when you start following respectable leaders, the world becomes a world of possibilities instead of limitations. They teach that you can achieve a greater change through personal development than you had initially thought.

I believe this sometimes scares people as well: when possibilities are numerous this goes hand in hand with taking responsibilityWe are then reminded of we are not helpless people, but gifted human beings, capable of reaching the sky.

Let’s start today: make a list of three people who inspire you and connect with them. If they follow back, you’ll notice it’s fun as well to be followed back by someone you admire!

Continue to take action

There is no perfect time to take action. Injustice knows no time or space.Justice needs us now and today. When I wrote my first article on the abuse practices within the Jehova’s witnesses community I had no idea in advance that people would be truly inspired to take action against this. Article: ‘Questioning Humanity: the Jehova’s Witnesses Two-Witness Rule’.

At the same time, when I wrote this article, I had nothing to do with Jehova’s witnesses. I just heard and read about the subject and suddenly felt the urgency to write about these terrifying cases. I was very glad to hear the article contributed on shedding light on this dreadful subject. You never know the power and outcome of your pure intention to stand up against injustice. It can truly make a difference and save lives! I’m driven by the abovementioned idea and therefore I try to take the responsibility of my surroundings whenever I can.

I know it can be scary, because the more the subject you’re opposing is a pressing issue, the more we are forced to step out of our comfort zone. But all small steps lead to changes! We should never underestimate the impact of our deeds.

Valuable deeds such as: visiting the ill, treating others with respect, blood donations, and voluntary work — the options are endless. Unfortunately we have all of these options, because there is still a lot of work to do if we want to heal the world. However, it is our blessing that by using our unique gifts and developed talents we can truly make a positive change.

By these actions, we empower the weak and therefore we take steps in banishing injustice. This is not an easy task. No kidding. But is a fulfilling road, one of the most fulfilling roads I’ve ever walked on.

Voiceless people need the voices of the ones who are being heard.

I hope you will follow me in this. Let’s do this together!

This article originally appeared in Publishous.