A woman who is surrounded and harassed in broad daylight on the ferry in Amsterdam. A man who is hit in the face for no reason at the central station in Amsterdam, and no one helps him. And the story of a woman who is addressed in the tram in a horrible manner. And again, no one who helps.

When I read about these three stories I hoped I had read the events wrong. Or that the events had occurred far away from home. Not that it would make it any less worse. But the fact that these events happened so close to home, and the fact that nobody lend a hand made me feel dumbfounded and distraught. And I understand why this happens.

Some people freeze when something major happens. Instead of helping out they cannot do anything because of the shock of it all. That is unpleasant for that individual, but also for the victim who feels powerless and is asking for help. Others are afraid to become a victim as well. Intervening and helping out might be difficult but we do need to. Always remain aware of the fact that the individual who becomes a victim desperately needs your help.

Are you too afraid to help out? Call an emergency number or ask bystanders to help out. As such you do intervene and make sure that a terrible situation does not escalate any further. Help banish injustice.

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