Why people turn their backs on religion

One of the issues that intrigues me most is how people consciously choose to believe in God. The different factors which have led to this are not always easy to explain. You often read that people meet someone who brought them into contact with God or read a story about religion which inspired them to learn more about God.

There are, however, also stories in which it is stated that it was God who guided them. A statement I agree with because I believe that people are guided by God. However, which factors and actions of man himself were most influential do remain a mystery. The question remains: how is it possible for some to be guided to religion quicker than others?

Why people turn their back on religion is a more simple issue. Research has shown that there are different reasons such as individual doubts and a lack of knowledge. Subsequently this lack of knowledge leads to people criticizing religion because it doesn’t offer one room for rational thinking and science. These results are interesting to research further, discuss and, where necessary, offer different views of the matter.

In addition, experiencing major and traumatic events and having the idea that you are not being heard by God could be the reason why someone turns their back on a religion.

Imagine yourself being in trouble, imagine yourself asking for help from your friends and family but no one hears you. Or imagine yourself leaving your home one day and something happens. When you believe that God is even closer to man than friends or family you will ask yourself: where was God when I needed him?

What we can learn from people who, after experiencing a traumatic event, did not turn their back on religion, is that they give life time to show them what it will bring them. They can relativize and process what happened without holding God accountable.

It can take weeks, months and sometimes even years before it becomes evident why something happened the way it did. However, that doesn’t mean the event will become less severe; it will only be better understood.

It is important to learn that having bad thoughts about another has never brought anyone any good. The same applies to thinking that things are done to you and that God has abandoned you. Because in reality this never happens: God never forgets or leaves man.

Why people turn their backs on religion remains an issue we can think more about. However, in no way this means that at that moment it is right to force religion onto another. Anyone who does that doesn’t understand the impact of such a traumatic event. What we can do is remain gentle and have faith. By giving knowledge about who God is and what His work entails, it could bring light to dark times. And always help people remember that in the end everything will fall into place. That is what life is all about.

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